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Motor boat charter in Croatia - Bareboat charter and skippered charter

Motor boat fleet

Motor yachts in our charter offer are fast, comfortable, well maintained and don't require great navigation experience and skills. You can charter boat from several charter bases along Adriatic coast (from ACI Marina Split, ACI Marina Trogir and marinas in Zadar, Biograd and Sibenik). Charter boats usually have to be returned in the same marina they were rented in, but upon request it is also possible to arrange one way charter.

Bareboat charter

A bareboat charter is the perfect option for families or small groups wanting to have the freedom to explore the Adriatic independently. According to Croatian law, at least one person on the vessel must possess valid nautical and VHF licences. So, if you don’t want to hire a skipper, for bareboat charter you must have valid licenses in addition to sailing experience.

Skippered charter

If you don’t have enough yachting experience, or you don't have a qualified crew member on board, you can hire a professional skipper. Having a professional skipper can make your sailing experience much more pleasant and enjoyable. Skipper will drive the boat, but he’ll also give you some sailing advice, suggest routs, and recommend you the best restaurants, beaches and attractions.

Motor yacht charter Croatia - Sealine SC29

Sealine SC29

Length: 9.13 m
Cabin: 1
Berths: 2+2

Boat charter Croatia - motor boat Vektor 950

Vektor 950

Length: 9.50 m
Cabin: 2
Berths: 4+1

Damor 980 Fjera Boat Rent Croatia

Damor 980 Fjera

Length: 9.80 m
Cabin: 2
Berths: 4+2

Motor yacht charter in Croatia - Adria 1002 Vektor

Adria 1002 Vector

Length: 10.80 m
Cabin: 3
Berths: 6+1

Motor yacht charter in Croatia - Adria 1002

Adria 1002

Length: 10.60 m
Cabin: 3
Berths: 6+1

Motor yacht charter in Croatia - Adria 1002 Vektor

Adria 1002 V

Length: 10.80 m
Cabin: 3
Berths: 6+1

Bavaria Sport 35 HT - Croatia - Boat Charter

Bavaria Sport 35 HT

Length: 10.80 m
Cabin: 2
Berths: 4+1

Bavaria Sport 35 motor yacht

Bavaria Sport 35

Length: 11.40 m
Cabin: 2
Berths: 4+1

Yacht charter Croatia - Adriana 36

Adriana 36

Length: 11.82 m
Cabin: 3
Berths: 6+1

Merry Fisher 895

Length: 8.90 m
Cabin: 2
Berths: 6 (4+2)

Motor yacht charter in Croatia - Beneteau Swift Trawler 42

Beneteau Swift Trawler 42

Length: 13.50 m
Cabin: 2
Berths: 4+2

Motor yacht charter in Croatia - Adriana 44

Adriana 44

Length: 13.50 m
Cabin: 3
Berths: 6+1

Wide selection of top quality motor yachts

Our motor boat charter fleet consists of a variety of different and high quality motor yachts from Beneteau, Bavaria, Jeanneau, Marex, Cranchi and other leading yacht builders.

Beneteau yacht logo

Beneteau motor yachts

Magnificent hull, timeless elegance, detailed crafting and top quality finishes.

Jeanneau boat charter in Croatia

Jeanneau powerboats

Sporty lines, high-performance hulls, comfort and family fun.

Cranchi - boatbuilder since 1870

Cranchi powerboats

Elegant design, hi-tech fittings, perfect finishes. All made with state-of-the-art materials and processes.

Bavaria motorboats charter in Croatia

Bavaria yachts

Motorboats that let your dreams come true. Elegant lines, a luxurious spatial concept and a unique design.

Marex boats

Marex - king of the sea

Marex Boats manufacture complete luxury boats and their program has won many prestigious awards last decade.

Vektor - Croatian boats

Vektor motorboats

SAS-VEKTOR is the company with the longest tradition in Croatian pleasure boat builder boat society.

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